Thursday, March 24, 2016

[Easter Day Case Study]:

First of all, i want to say : Happy Easter Day for our fellow people who celebrate it.
This case study is totally different from my previous examples to show you that you can make Money online if you put the right offer/Product in front of the right audience with some creativity .
Today , our niche is about Scuba Diving and the target is :
Families with Kids who like scuba diving. We wanted to help them find the cheapest prices for their hotels near their Diving spots.
We created 3 Adsets with 2 ads in each one targeting 3 magazines related to the scuba diving niche but not for Pro divers...
I will not go in details but below is the Ads and the Ad Copy.
With $180 Ad Budget, he got almost $800 commission with over 1000 people tagged with his FB pixel.
Audience Details:
Location: United States
Age: 30 - 55
People Who Match:
Parents: (13-18 Years) Parents with Teenagers or (08-12 Years) Parents with Preteens
And Must Also Match:
Interests: Scuba Diving Magazine
Potential Reach: 22,000 people (only from 1 Adset)
With those travel sites, you can target many laser audiences:
-Orlando Family Vacations
-Beach Kids Vacations
-Romance Vacations
-Weekend Escape Break
-Europe Cities Break
-Skies Vacations
-Alaska Escape........
For this Special Holidays, i am offering only this deal to our group for only $60 (Regular price $200) : Website + LP + Travel eBook.
You need a domain name related to Travel niche...
Take Action & Happy Easter Day...
P.S: You get paid per lead up to $1. the user does not have to book his stay in order to get paid....It is a comparison prices site..

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