Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fitbit Fitness Tracker : $171 commissions with $61 Budget and $2640 Gross Sale!!!

I will keep it short and sweet this time but for this kind of products, you need to do your homework.
You need to convince them about the benefits of having one and Why they should have one....
There are many articles /Blogs talk about that. You need only to have 2-4 benefits mixed (Fear of loss, curiosity, gain, .....)
with Fb Ads, we don't have enough space to write all that things.
With Good attractive image and good Ad copy, You can send them to your site and from there, you do the other step...
Remember: With Fb Ads or Google Ads, our primary goal is to push our target audience to click and not to buy.....and our website /Landing page is to sell them or educate them...
After doing some research, we tested our campaign with 2 Audiences :Women's Running Community - WRC And Women's Running Magazine
Age: 35-45 (It was only a test but there are 2 more age segments)
Gender: Female
Interests: Women's Running Community - WRC >> Potential Reach:22K
Interests: Women's Running Magazine And Must Also Match: Half Marathon >> Potential Reach:58K
We tried to put in the Ad all the benefits for that device:
Description Above Image:
Want to Move more, Sleep better and Improve your Overall Health ? Click below to see what Other Runners are using!
Description under Headline:
Track all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes.Then wear it at night to measure your sleep quality .
Headline:Get Your Fitbit & Make Fitness a lifestyle
After 4 days, We collected many visitors for Re-targeting and made 22 Sales ($2640) with $171 commission from only 2 small groups of women....
And before You ask me about the landing page, It was :
-A page not a post
-In the Top of the page, Classic Landing page (headline,sub-headline-Image of the product (collection of Fitbit szies))
-Bullet points
under the Button: there is a long article talking about the benefits/features of those devices....
the reason is why : Amazon or Fitbit has many types of those devices (from $88 to $240....)
Below is one of the Ads used in this campaign..
The eBook will be published at any time...
Go and Take Action...

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