Monday, February 22, 2016

Surefire Newbie Affiliate Tips

If you're just starting out, without money, but tons of time, what would be your first few steps in generating traffic? And say you don't want to wait 4290 months for Google to rank. grin emoticon
Here's what I've been doing for my own site but it requires
1. time (1-2 hours)
2. writing (write what you're promoting and try to customize your message to each hub (social ,etc etc)
3. consistency (it's repetitive but it pays off)
So you could just follow Mohammed's case studies on Facebook paid traffic ads, or you can try this. This is for you if you like getting out there and promoting your shit.
Be aware though, the more you put yourself out there, the more negativity you'll encounter. One guy commented "You're full of shit! Your post is full of affiliate links"
Well, we're not doing this for charity. Right? RIGHT?! So you gotta sell something, somewhere. (That should be accomplished with your website/content/goal).
So first thing...
1. Join Google + communities
search your niche keywords and join every community, at least the ones with tons of members in them.
2. Join Facebook Groups
search your keywords and join the group. Be aware, you may not be able to promote your stuff straightforwardly.
3. Forums.
You need to be sort of established. Good luck generating traffic with one post in your name (your name info displays how many posts you've made). At least put the link or your website in your signature with a CTA (call to action)
4. Twitter
Go to buzzsumo, search your niche keywords, click "View sharers" and those sharers are influencers who WANT to share your content.
Just let them know by mentioning them in a tweet with your URL or email them.
5. wherever else. Anywhere, everywhere. Including pinterest
But on pinterest you want to have a image that you know will be highly pinned. Search for your niche keywords and you'll find pins that are highly pinned in your niche.
So time for action:
1. Open all the communities (new tabs) you've joined on G+, write up your post,
(eg. if you're promoting a post for 12 tips for niche SEO, then you write "I hate SEO, don't you? Things don't have to be as complicated as it may seem. Find out what 12 tips you can use right now to boost your website rankings + URL to website)
Paste in every community and send it out! Repeat for every community. Wait for the featured image of your URL to load up.
2. Do the same for the facebook groups, but make sure you are allowed to promote stuff or you'll get kicked.
Repeat for all the FB groups. Sometimes you just need to post the URL and your solution to questions that are being asked rather than making a whole new promotion post.
3. Get active and paste in your signature or in threads where needed.
4+5. Like I said above.
You may need to find questions that are asked by other members and answer them with your full solution with your post included (subtly).
If you don't have a catchy featured image then you won't get clicks. Go to pinterest and search your niche keywords ( in this case, SEO tips) and get inspired by the HIGHLY pinned / active pins, sort of like what Mohammed does.
This goes to your headline as well, if it's not socially attractive, good luck with getting clicks.
Look at what works, you don't need to reinvent the wheel.
Be human, as in use your BRAIN. No one is going to click on a "make money NOW!!!". Let them know you're doing manual work and have worked super hard to show off your hard work
You need high quality* content:
*High quality: Content that is easily readable, engagable, has a clear CTA, solves the problem of the reader and follows through with the promise of the headline.
Doesn't need to be 4209 words long, just needs to SOLVE a problem or fulfill the promise the headline.
Also be sure you've got some sort of email marketing going so you can capture those who landed on your page, so you can get them back, email them, and they'll keep returning if you give them a reason to.
I didn't expect this post to be this long. I thought I was just going to write some simple tips. grin emoticon
Guess this is my late birthday gift to you all!!
I learned this from Stuarts 31 ways to get traffic checklist nearly a year ago, and it's still actionable today.
Les than an hour of promotion (in FB/g+ groups that I've got no reputation in, nothing at all) got me:
1.7 x more visitors
+10 subscribers (have got 1 simple lead optin box that doesn't really solve a problem, I usually get +3 subscribers daily :P)
10% or more affiliate sales than any other day)
Should mention that since this was done on the weekend (Saturday), the traffic isn't as great as the weekdays.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

শর্ট টিপস #৩ - অ্যামাজন নিশ রিসার্চ

নতুন কোন নিশ পেলে ধুপধাপ কাজ শুরু করে না দিয়ে গোল্ড মাইনারদের মতো সেটার ডিপে যাওয়ার চেষ্টা করুন।
ধরুণ, আজকে আপনি একটি নিশ পেলেন "ক"। এখন এই "ক" নিয়ে অন্তত ৭ দিন পড়াশোনা করুন।
দেখুন রিলেটেড কোন উইকিপিডিয়া পেইজ আছে কিনা, থাকলে পুরো লেখাটা পড়ে নিন। অনেক কিছুই অজানা মনে হবে, প্রতিটা অজানা বিষয়ের নোট করুন, এবার সেগুলো সম্পর্কেও আইডিয়া নিন।
আপনার নিশ লিখে গুগলে সার্চ করুন, প্রথম দুই পেইজে যা যা রেজাল্ট শো করে, সবগুলো পড়ুন।
এতোক্ষণে আপনি আপনার নিশ সম্পর্কে আর ৫০% মানুষ থেকে বেশি জেনে গিয়েছেন।
এবার আপনার নিশ রিলেটেড ফোরামগুলো খুঁজুন। আপনার নিশ + ফোরাম লিখলেই অনেক ফোরাম চলে আসবে। ফোরামের পোস্টগুলো পড়ুন, তাদের জিজ্ঞাসা, উত্তর দেখুন। এতে তাদের কথা বলার ভাষা, ভোকাবুলারি আপনার আয়ত্বে আসবে। আর অনেক নতুন বিষয় জানতে পারবেন। নতুন বিষয়গুলো নোট করুন এবং বিস্তারিত জানুন।

বিভিন্ন প্রশ্ন উত্তর সাইট এ গিয়ে আপনার নিশ লিখে সার্চ করুন, জনগণের প্রশ্ন উত্তর পড়ুন। অনেক কিছু জানতে পারবেন।
বাঙালি ভিডিও দেখতে ভালোবাসে, হয়তো আপনিও..... ;)
তাই ইউটিউবে যান, আপনার নিশ লিখে সার্চ করুন। ভিডিওগুলো দেখুন। আপনার নিশের বিভিন্ন প্রোডাক্টের নাম লিখে সার্চ করুন, সেগুলোর রিভিউ দেখুন।
ব্যস, এবার আপনি আপনার নিশ সম্পর্কে আর ৯০% মানুষ সম্পর্কে বেশি জেনে গিয়েছেন। এখন আপনি এই মার্কেট এর আদ্যপান্ত সম্পর্কে জানেন। তাছাড়া আপনার নিশের মধ্যেই আপনি আরও অনেক সাবনিশ বের করতে পারবেন যা কিনা এই পড়াশোনা ছাড়া সম্ভব ছিলনা।

Saturday, February 13, 2016

[Case Study] For Polar EXpress and Thomas & Friends Trains

n this case study, i will show you how to target people who love some hobbies and how to cash on that...
A client of mine has a niche website targeting trains models, flight models, cars models and some mini-figures and other things related to that...
he created many campaigns and one of them was about Polar EXpress Trains before 20 days from the Christmas...
I will not go in details but here is what he targeted for 1 ADs set:
Audience 1 :
Gender : Female
Age: 25-45 (we combined 25-34 & 35-45 because the audience size was low)
Interests : Polar Express fans, Thomas & friends fans and Bachmann fans
Ad copy : it was a mix of a question + gain + urgency..
For $40 for this Campaign, he got 15 sales for a gross of $1875 and $121 commission....
For the other campaigns, he targeted other brands with less and much success .....
Tip of the day : if you have a niche site with a lot products, Don't target the niche but target those products and their brands.... whether with SEO or PPc Ads...
See You Tuesday for my eBook launch...

Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to turn $45 to $136 from one tiny group in untapped niche ?

There are plenty of niches and sub-niches...Just open your eyes and think out of the box...
This case was a Test to validate the market before a client of mine jumped on a Dropshipping program for that niche..
She has a custom well designed website (i will clone it for you Guys soon) and she is the business of the baby clothing for a quite of time now...
She did not choose the broad niche but she tried a sub-niche inside it :
Twins and triples babies clothing.......
Tip: I did some research and i found a lot of needs for Guide : how to raise twins/Triples babies and all that open your eyes and think out of the box.. there are more rooms for that not only clothing....
I will not go in details but the main problem was : how to target only moms who have twins babies since Facebook only allows us to search for parents who have : toddles, kids, teens and so on....
After some research, we targeted moms who have babies for example (0-1year old) and like some twins magazines and a lot related stuff of that..
we divided the campaign into 4 interests with 2 groups 24-35 and 35-45
and the winning audiences were 3 interests : one of them is a very response community called : .
I will not reveal the other 3 for obvious reasons.
After spending $45 , we killed the campaign because the audience was around 33k and the frequency started to increase..
She got $2100 sales for 50 items with $136 commissions and $45 budget.
With her new program (dropshipping in US ), she will get like 60% margin profit better than Amazon plus full control of her traffic from FB Ads to the checkout page and more incentives like coupons %20 for her traffic..
so Go ahead. Think of out of the box and Make Money..

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"SEO CASE STUDY” – 5820 Visitors in 2 Months from One Article

While Mohammed EL Khiyati Talk about FB MKG, and others talk about niche marketing and how to build a successful Amazon Niche sites, I love to share my little knowledge about SEO and how to generate valuable free traffic from Search engines the easy way; so I hope you will found it Valuable, and benefits from it.

So today I would like to share with you a very quick [SEO Case Study] but very effective and it will give you an amazing results in getting free organic traffic from Google if you do it the right way.

Let’s start the party:
I Choose 4 keywords from “Google Keywords planner”, Related to my Niche, search of 720 to 900 a month, Keyword competition KC of all this 4 KWs was 24 to 30 (I use Long tail pro).

And here is what I do with them:

A-The first 3 KWs: I write 3 articles (One for each KW)

All this 3 articles was 100% original, give huge value to reader, and have a length of 600 to 700 words, also each article have the KW in title, first paragraph, In ALT of the Post Photo that I always put under the first paragraph (I use for made all photos, it is free and fun), last paragraph also contain the kw, in H2, in meta description, and 2 or 3 times in the text of the article.

No backlinks was made, so after 2 months, all this 3 articles make their way to the 2 page of Google and stay there, I receive a few visitors a day <10 visitor for each article.

B-The KW number 4:
I treat the kw number 4 little different, I give it more luck, more chance to makes its way to the firsts result of SERP (search engine result page), So I put it in “Google keyword planner” again, and search for All keywords that are 100% related to it, contain synonyms, different order of words, and so on, but have a low search volume (example 500, or 340 or 120 and…I don’t pick a kw that have a search volume of 90 and low, only if it is 100% buying keyword).

I found 6 KWs that looks different than the main one, have different search volume, but they mean same thing as the main KW, you can say that they are different doors for the same Room.

Main Kw: iPhone 6 vs Samsung s6 (it is just an example, close to mine, and I am not in the smartphone niche).

Related Kws:
iPhone 6 vs Samsung 6s
Samsung s6 vs IPhone 6
IPhone 6 Or Samsung s6
Best Smartphone IPhone 6 or Samsung s6
iPhone 6 vs galaxy s6
IPhone 6 vs Samsung s6 video quality

So as you see all this KWs can be searched by someone that try to figure out if IPhone 6 or Samsung 6s are the best smartphone for his/her money.

I include all this kw in my article (article number 4), the most important one that have big search volume in the top, and the weak one, at the bottom, I use some kw as H2 and write a small paragraph (it is good to include the kw in this paragraph, and in ALT of the photo is you need to use one).

The result was Amazing, so after 2 months the article jump to the first page of Google, I receive 5820 visitors from Google, and I get some social shares and some sales.

this is my conclusion about what happen, maybe I am right and maybe I am wrong, so I hope to hear your conclusion in the comment.
So we all target high search volume Kws because we want more traffic and more sales, this mean more money, but the truth is, we will never rank for that kws unless we waited for months and maybe years, or build a ton of kws around this page.
In the other hand, if you target the high search volume Kw and add to it other related kws that have low search volume, you can high your chance to rank in first page of SERP, it is like you give Google lot of choices, and he can’t said NO for all you Kws so at less he rank one or two from them, or maybe this Related kws help search engines to better understand your article, and put it in the desired Position.
any way Rise your chances to get traffic by targeting some more related kws that have a low search volume, they will help you to structure your article, make it valuable, answer all asked question about the topic (around main kw) this mean your reader will get their answers and another answers that they don’t ask about them, also this huge quality quantity of content help the reader to make a buying decision, and click the share button.
Good luck

----- ibrahim 

Blogger Outreach tips

How you convince influencers, with outreach, to link to your review article?”

Obviously, No one will link to your review article. Instead, create a likable asset.

For Example: No influencer will link to your “Best Dumbell Reviews”. Instead create a great piece of content for “How To Gym Without Dumbells. Use Your Body Weight And Be Your Own Gym.” It is a topic of interest and will entice influencers to link to it.

As you know link juice flows from one page to another, once you have scored some backlinks, create a link to your “Best Dumbell Review” Page from within the “Be Your Own Gym” page.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Silver & Gold Collectible Coins : $241 with $67.50 Budget in 5 Days..

Silver & Gold Collectible Coins : $241 with $67.50 Budget in 5 Days....
Another Case Study to show you that You can transform a Hobby to a profitable Business..
A friend of mine is a big fan of Silver/Gold/bullion collectible coins.
he has a blog about that with few articles and he wanted to monetize it with Amazon after getting fed up with Adsense..
so we tried FB Ads since it is not that saturated like other niches...
Audience Targeting :
Men : 34-54
Location: US ...Feel free to target other countries like UK, Canada or NZ, Australia if you have an Amazon account there.
Interests: I will give you only 1 and keep others later on : Golden Eagle Coins
Ads sets : 4 .
4 interests with only 2 Ads in each Ad sets .... with 2 images..
Results : 29 Sales with $241 with 4 sales that have nothing to do with Coins Niche..
he collected over 500 people in his custom audience for future promotion...
his next project is : to create a free eBook (7-10pages) to find rare coins for example and then sell then his Paid eBook or recommend some high ticket items...(Huge niche with rich passionate people)
Go and Take Action..

Saturday, February 6, 2016

How to Turn $30 into $120 using FB Ads and Amazon (Case Study)

In this Case study , i wanted to show how to target one of the most popular niche in internet : Baby Safety niche and how to dig deeper to find many sub-niches..
The product was : Baby Monitors . but since there are many brands involved in this niche, we chose to use the Savings/Discount Trigger and send our audience to the best sellers Amazon page for that niche and let them choose what they want..
Audience Target :
-Moms (New parents) : 0-12months
--Age : 25-34 based on our spying tool
--- House composition : Family-based households (busy with other kids..)
--- Home owners...
----Location: NY,CA,TX
And they like : see below :
We tried 3 Ads sets :
1-Parents Magazine
The winner was the 1st Ad sets..
For the Ad copy : we chose to use the formula below (I have 3 -4 for you Guys)
--Pain point + Solution + Urgency + gain
27 moms bought monitors plus some accessories related to that.
With $30 budget for 2-3days, we got a $122 return with 1 group and 3 audiences....Time to scale it up to other states and then promote to the existing ones with other offers related the baby niche (FB custom audience Pixel)
Go and take Action .

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Zumba Fitness Case Study ($200 in 3 Days)

I wanted to share this case study about a new website (1month old + few days) of a friend of mine about Women Fitness DVDs & Accessories (Fitness leggings, pants, Zumba Toning Sticks...)
she has like 10 articles + the normal pages (Contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy pages)....
She did a few sales last month with organic traffic via Pinterest .but when we tried FB Ads as a test last week for 3 days, she sold 50 items within 3 days from one audience (Fitness Magazine) only and she will try to scale it up by targeting others...
She made $207 with only $76 budget for 3 days with 1 hr work ..
Alright… enough theory.
Let me show you how she (we) did it....
Idea :
Amazon run from time to time Deals (like Groupon) with over 40% sometimes... she chose the Zumba fitness DVDs product since her site was about that...
Targeting Audience :
For this type of campaign, it is all about testing . but from my experience,
i always choose the magazines subscription fans as a starting point for my campaign if i don't have no traffic or no custom audiences to retarget..
we chose a very famous magazine fans with over 1.2M fans (very broad) and like zumba fitness but we narrowed out audience to 70K and we divided to 2 groups (25-34) & (35-44) to talk to them with different messages.
we found out that after spying to that magazine .
Ad Sets :
Ad Sets 1 : 25-34 with 2 images (match the age of a young woman)
Ad Copy : Get To Work On Your Summer Body With Our Zumba Fitness DVD Workout From the Comfort of your Home.
Headline : Get Zumba Fitness D
Description : Save up to 20%. Easy-to-follow Steps for more than 30 Rhythms. Popular Fitness Program
Ad Sets 2 : 35-44 with 1 image ( match the age)
Ad Copy : Get Real Results, and Real Fun. Dance to great music, From the Comfort of your Home. and Burn a ton of Calories without even realizing it.
Headline : Get Zumba Fitness DVD
Description : Save up to 20%. Easy-to-follow Steps for more than 30 Rhythms. Popular Fitness Program
As you can see, each Ad copy talks with that specific group....
See Below the Ads and the Results and This is only for one Audience interest...
Go and take action.....
P.S : She can easily now keep it for 3 months and then flipp it for $$$$ and build another one with different niche...
Good Luck

Monday, February 1, 2016

Debjit Saha Mattress facebook marketing tips

Online Mattress buying is a big industry in the US. I was not at all aware of this high-commission-payouts niche until I needed one for myself recently.
I was using cheap used mattresses for many years which never cost me more than 70 - 80 dollars and lasted me through school. However, when the time eventually came to buy a new one, I was simply shocked at how high-ticket price items these are.
Here is a brief timeline of the events that led to my mattress search:
1. Finished grad school
2. Got married.
3. Moved in with my wife to a totally new city in the US
After spending more than about 1000$ we bought a mattress that was matched all our requirements and we were happy. Amidst all this, my affiliate marketing brain was just calculating numbers - like average sales values, possible commissions and what not.
In my research I found that on an average buyers pay $1400 for a latex mattress, $1600 for memory foam and $1300+ for foam ones. Users even spend north of $4000 on high end mattresses.
Although the online mattress industry is highly competitive but the key to making big affiliate commissions here is going super niche. So instead of starting a website on mattresses in general. I decided to focus only on "Memory Foam mattresses for couples".
I looked for affiliate programs on Shareasale and joined the one with Saatva Mattresses and signed up for a few more on flexoffers dot com. The key here was that I reached out to the Affiliate managers for all these programs in order to negotiate on the commission rates and surprisingly they were happy to bump up rates based on sales number clusters - after all they are looking to make money as well wink emoticon No amazon or walmart affiiate here owing to the miniscule commission rates.
In addition to the above affiliate, I also tried something different this time. I got in touch with the marketing managers of 3 brand name stores in the city I am currently in and told them what I do (bring more customers to businesses). They gave me a sweet commission deal on prospects that I would send to their store and extra on a successful sale. This is not just affiliate income - this is lead generation as well! (more on traffic generation to follow)
Created a wp website with 10 pieces of 1200+ word content solely focussing on:
1. the benefits of memory foam mattresses (made this an epic list post),
2. average prices,
3. how to fix mattresses,
4. how to maintain a mattress,
5. a review section (based on the more than 10 plus mattresses that we had looked at in person before we bought ours')
6. how and where to get the best deals while you go memory foam mattress shopping.
Next, I setup 1 Facebook page and 2 Pinterest boards that were aimed at providing:
1. Decor ideas for using mattresses without bed frames (just the foundation)
2. Tips and tricks for memory foam mattresses
The trick I used to drive traffic to this website was FB ad targeting based on life events. This is very powerful indeed. You can target based on users' life events demographics like Newly Wed, Recently moved, Graduated. Couple this with cities that have huge population and you have a winner. I also targeted based on age (young couples), Income > $150000 (obviously they are the ones who would not think twice before spending 3000 - 4000$ or more on mattresses).
The traffic quality was not that great initially and was not converting (no email signups, no affiliate link clicks). I was wondering what went wrong. Found out that users were leaving after reading just 1 or two pages.
I knew the content was great quality. So I had that confidence and tweaked the articles with more compelling images and also invested in Facebook re-targeting by setting up a new campaign. I had to spend more than a month A/B testing layouts as well before I gradually started noticing increased email signups and affiliate link clicks.
I also generated leads for the local store signups and in the second month of the website - I was sitting on $1700 commissions just from the affiliates - 6 mattresses were sold in the first month. (this figure does not include the cash from lead generation income).
I have been running the website for more than 8 months now - commissions have only increased. I also joined a few more affiliate programs. However, I still have to spend money on the FB ads to get more and more new users for the website but that spend does not cross 100 - 150$ a month.
This idea can be copied and you can make money on repeat and rinse. NO need to worry about SEO, no outreach, no PBN hassles. For the more enthusiastic ones, you could also sell low priced items like sheets and linens for more income!!!
All the best.
PS: I signed up a big ticket SEO / IM client in the interior design industry by the virtue of this project.