Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Water Rafting Niche:how to turn $135 to $412 in 5days with a small targeted Audience

Mohammed EL Khiyati

In This post, i will try to explain the travel niche affiliate model and how to use it with FB Ads without use the classic methods of travel targeting:
In this example, we used a Hobby + Destinations Method. 

Why : to target only the fans of that Hobby and offer them Travel deals to enjoy their hobby far away from their routines....

With the Travel niche package that i am offering, the user does not need to book in order to get credit but he has to do the steps below :
1- Search for a destination
2- Click on an hotel in that destination
3- the system will display the lists of providers that have that hotel (sometimes there are up to 10 and sometimes only 1....)
4-if he clicks on any one of those links, you will get a credit up to $1-$ depends of your traffic...
But with Fb Ads, after doing your homework of course, you can send them to that destination based on their hobbies so they can go to the step 2 or 3 directly using your landing it can be easy for you to reach Step 3-4...
With this case study, we chose a niche for those who like White water rafting and they want to enjoy a break in Colorado river with Family.....
The Campaign had 3 adsset and 3 images for each Adsets
1-Ad set 1: Water rafting for Family with kids
2-Ad set 2: Water rafting for couples
3-Ad set 3: water rafting for Pro
I will not show you all the images but only the 1 Ad set.
We ran the campaign for 5 days and we targeted people who like :
- Water rafting , kayak, River rafting magazines.....
for the Ad copy, we played with the Budget factor to save Money and Enjoy the nature at the same time.....
The result was : $412.50 for a $135 Ad budget.......
Now, i want you to open your mind and target not only USA but you can target as well people from your country with a specific hobbies and locations...
I will put a list of hobbies that matches with the travel niche but i will not put all of them here in public of course.

Balloon Ride (Yes Balloon Ride to see the nature from the top...)
Eco Adventure
Fishing Charter
Four Wheeling
Hiking Trail
Horseback Riding (big niche in the mountains...)
.........Many More Ideas...

Good Luck...

P.S : I don't want to risk my Fb account, so i will not reply back to everybody via pms please.....last time, FB team thought that i am sending pms to the people and it was the other way around...

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