Monday, March 7, 2016

How to Close Deals easily with those Owners using only $10 budget

In this short post, i will show you how to put one foot in the door to close deals with your local shops who are struggling to drive traffic and leads via internet.
We all know how much those local owners are paying for directories (yellowpages,superpages...) without any ROI .
With FB Ads,you can reach people near your business.( only available in some countries.)
Right now, this type of Ads (Local Awareness Ad) is acting like : Google Local listing and is very cheaper than other types of Fb Ads.
For the sake of this example, I will try to target people (Women) close to my old address for a shop (Birthday Caking) of a friend of mine (his wife).
-I will use both placements : Desktop & Mobile (each platform in its own Adset)
-Location : Ridgewood,NY 11385 (within 2 miles)
-Gender : Female
-Life Event: Interests: Wedding anniversary and Life Event: Upcoming birthday or Anniversary within 30 Days
the Audience size was about: 47000 .
With Local Awareness Ad, You have 4 Call-to-Action buttons:
--Get Directions
--Call Now (Perfect for Mobile Ads)
--Like Page
--Learn More
--Send Message
For $10, You can run those Ads and bring leads/Sales for those shops and after that sign up a contact with them for $500 and up (It depends of the niches: Dentists, Plastic surgery, Spa, Hairdressers, mechanics, Flowers Shop, Moving Companies, Auto-Schools.Gyms....Ballet Dancing school,.... )
the Idea here is : to Call first with a strong script (highly converting) to the prospect and offer them your service for Free and with your own Money ($10)...
I will not go in details again but you need to talk about leads and ROI with them... They don't know if you know FB pixel or custom audiences or other blabla...those business owners know only Money and ROI.....
For a CPM of $5 max/1000 and highly HD image with a discount of 20% and Free Shipping, you can land many leads for Him/her..
You need only to track those leads via a phone....
How to Find them:
I will give you only one and leave the other one to my future business partner:
1-Go to Yellowpage, Superpages, white pages....Google Local and collect the businesses who are paying google or other directories for private listing.... call them (talk to the manager or the business owner directly)
2-Second method : Secret but highly converting...
Below is the Ad that i will show it to my friend's wife for her business.
Headline: Birthday Cakes 4 Kids & Adults. Up to 30% OFF
Description:123 Myrtle Ave. Ridgewood,NY 11385
Text above the image: Up to 30% OFF, Free Shipping. Huge Selection! Support Your Local Shop. Call us Now!
The first guy who will implement this method, don't forget to send me $5 for my Starbucks Coffee..It got cold since i did not pay attention to it while writing this post (just kidding)
Go now and happy Hunting!!!!

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