Thursday, March 24, 2016

Petzi : Pets Monitor for Cats/Dogs

Pets Monitor for Cats/Dogs using Camera & Apps from your smartphone.....
How to Turn $67 to $276 using FB Ads from a highly targeted audience within 5 days Test period.
First of All, This case study was last November 2015 and i got inspired from a TV show from a similar product .

the market was there for sure and this product is solving a big problem for people who own cats/dogs and they are away for work or a short trip....

After during a little research, i tried a campaign with 4 Adsets:
2 for cats and 2 for Dogs and i targeted 4 magazines (not every pets magazines...)

Cat Fancy Magazine/Modern Cat Magazine
Modern Dog Magazine/Your Dog Magazine

I sent them to a landing page related to pets website and just for that item so they can go to Amazon after that....

Below is the details about the Ad copy and the audiences:

Ad for Dogs:
Headline : Get Petzi and Never Leave Your Pet Alone!

Text above image :Leaving Your Pet alone at Home? Join Others and With a simple Tap, You can See, Speak, Snap or Treat your Pet When you are
away from Home.

Text under headline:Even When You're Not Home. Petzi lets you watch, speak to, play with, and record your Pet when you're away. You can even dispense...

Women : 25-34 35-44 45-54
Likes : Cat Fancy Magazine
Modern Cat Magazine
Modern Dog Magazine
Your Dog Magazine

In the eBook, i will show you how to find those niches before they got saturated .

Below this post : it is a link of my Early Bird Launch page to get you notified when the eBook is ready!!!!!

Take Action and Happy Hunting

let's go back now to our campaign :

As i said before, the narrowing option was not there (if It was, i would target them differently . see below)

Audience 2015:
3- AdSets : 18-25 25-35 35-45
-Location: Florida and other sunny states to narrow my audience
-they like Plus Model Magazine + other fashion magazines

if i am running this campaign now with the new targeting option :
I will do it like this :

Age: 25-35 35-45
Like Fashion AND Plus Model Magazine.....

I sent them to a category page full of different cover-ups to choose from...

Ad copy : Get Your Fashionable Cover ups under $50!

Text Above the imageLooking for Plus Size Fashion Cover up Inspiration This Summer ? Click Below to Find Your Fashionable cover up that will add polish and style to your overall swimsuit ensemble and look.

Text under the headline:We offer a full selection of zip up

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