Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How to Make Money With Hamsters Niche.

In this case study, I will show you how target a super laser audiences on FB related to the pets niche.
There are a lot sub-niches widely open with low-medium competition even for SEO ...
But in this case, one of my clients wanted to jump to the Dropshipping business related to the hamsters/Gilber niche but she wanted first to see if there is a market first on FB...
She spent $35 with Fb Ads and she sold 35 items related to the Hamsters niche (the majority of them were: cages (her main product) + some food boxes) with $1662.50 gross for a commission of $108.06
With Dropshipping, she can get 10x commissions with that..
We targeted 3 groups and i will show you only 1.
Females 26-65
Interest: Hamster & Gerbil & Kaytee.
Kaytee is a popular food brand for wildbirds....the reason why we chose that was to filter people who like Hamsters in general from the real owners...(for example, everybody likes dogs but not all of them like Punira...You have to be a dog owner to know that)
Below is the Ad.....
Take Action and To Your Success...

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