Saturday, March 19, 2016

How to Turn a new 1 month old site to a $1500 sale using FB Ads from a highly targeted audience

First of All, This case study was last June 2015 before FB starts the new narrowed targeting option (And /OR logic )..
It was hard to narrow your audience from 2-3 groups if they share the same interests (Only through a 3rd paid party)
After setting the Amazon site up (Blog+Shop e-commerce style), I created a campaign for Cover-ups and All the Bikinis stuff for women but my angle was Plus Size Category .
I let it run for 10 days ($10/day) to get traffic & Sales ....
The Result from the Campaign was : $305 from $96 Ad budget but :
After 1 month, i listed it for sale and it was sold for $1500 by a lady that she is making now around $500-$600/month using Amazon associate program and a fan page of over 10K fans with only 1hr a day or less...
let's go back now to our campaign :
As i said before, the narrowing option was not there (if It was, i would target them differently . see below)
Audience 2015:
3- AdSets : 18-25 25-35 35-45
-Location: Florida and other sunny states to narrow my audience
-they like Plus Model Magazine + other fashion magazines
if i am running this campaign now with the new targeting option :
I will do it like this :
Age: 25-35 35-45
Like Fashion AND Plus Model Magazine.....
I sent them to a category page full of different cover-ups to choose from...
Ad copy : Get Your Fashionable Cover ups under $50!
Text Above the imageLooking for Plus Size Fashion Cover up Inspiration This Summer ? Click Below to Find Your Fashionable cover up that will add polish and style to your overall swimsuit ensemble and look.
Text under the headline:We offer a full selection of zip ups, maxi dresses, tunics, button up coverups, and more from all your favorite brands.
Talk to you soon and Happy Hunting....

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