Tuesday, March 1, 2016

[Valentine's Day Case Study] How i turned $55 into $124 to Validate a Marketing Point:

This case study was a Test for me to validate a point before getting involved in an e-commerce niche (Soon).
so I tried Amazon as an affiliate since there is no shipping or handling for the items and to see if i can make some ROI if i am ordering my own items from Alibaba for my own Market (No USA)...
The time was perfect : Valentine's Day ( 1 Week before) but You can use the same tactics for any day and event (Mother's Day, father's Day, .....)
I targeted 2 Audiences but you can choose many audiences.
Audience 1 :
Men with Relationship : Married and live in Montana to narrow my audience and don't burn it with repeated Ads
Age: 30-50
The headline was simple and straight to point : Do you love your Wife ?
Audience 2 :
Men with Relationship : in Relationship and college Boys in the Northwestern States
The headline was simple and straight to point : Do you love your Girlfriend ? and also hitting the Budget as a pain point : affordable
The result was : 51 Sales and $1912.50revenue and $124 commissions.
But the point here is : $1912 (almost $2000) .
I know that those babies cost only max $5-$7 and even with free shipping and with the FB Ads cost, i can still get $1000-$1200 in my pocket instead of $124.
I will not go in details to avoid any competition but there are many angles that you can take in this niche...
For the landing page, there is no landing page... I sent them to a category page related to the necklaces with 10 items from Amazon and then to amazon page related to each product....
For the eBook, i will publish it at any time...trying only to solve something About the salespage....
Go take Action and good luck..


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