Friday, March 4, 2016

How to Turn a small idea to a $5000/Month business within 3 months with a small budget

n this post, i want to show you how to buy from Alibaba/Aliexpress and sell in your own website.
I know this guy personally. he has a physical store and many niche sites (each one is targeting 1 item or max 5 items)
His site is : and it is talking about Elastic Shoe laces for Kids and teenagers.
The website is simple ecommerce site based on WP platform.
he is getting traffic only from Google and Youtube and Facebook (organic traffic) and he is making $5000/month...
He will try Fb Ads now soon since i showed the potential Audiences that he can reach via Paid Traffic...
Let's discuss how i will do it if i was him :
Facebook Pixel :
there are 4 steps that the buyer has to take if he want to purchase the item from his website :
1-Step 1: Visit his website (as a landing page in this case)
2-Step 2: Select a product and go to the product page and add it to the shopping cart
3-Step 3: Checkout page
4-Step 4 : Thank you confirmation page.
Since we know that there is no 100% conversion rate, we must profit from the FB pixel technology and re-target our visitors and offer them a coupon or 2nd chance...
I will place my Fb pixel in every page using a plugin for that and then create 2 other conversion pixels (even if there are the same and unique) : one for Shopping Cart pixel and checkout pixel..
For the targeting, i will target each mom who has kids between 5-13years old but different age groups of course(5-7 8-11 12-14years old)
I can even target runners, sports kids.......
Here are the pain points that i found for him during a quick research :
**No more untied Laces at School -No Dangerous Tripping Accidents
Those items cost only max $1 per pack . the beauty is : the customers buy more than one pack to get different colors selection...
You can easily sell them for $7-$10
Shipping Free: it will cost you max$1-$2
Fb Ads: Max conversion per checkout $1-$2
for each transaction, you can sell up to $20.....with a cost of $5 max...
For those who did not buy, you can target them with a coupon 20% off plus you get emails from your buyers...
You can create a LookaLike audience based on your buyers list and your 2 conversion pixels (Add_to_Cart and Checkout_page)
Here is my Ad how it will look like but in CZ not EN.

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