Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Zumba Fitness Case Study ($200 in 3 Days)

I wanted to share this case study about a new website (1month old + few days) of a friend of mine about Women Fitness DVDs & Accessories (Fitness leggings, pants, Zumba Toning Sticks...)
she has like 10 articles + the normal pages (Contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy pages)....
She did a few sales last month with organic traffic via Pinterest .but when we tried FB Ads as a test last week for 3 days, she sold 50 items within 3 days from one audience (Fitness Magazine) only and she will try to scale it up by targeting others...
She made $207 with only $76 budget for 3 days with 1 hr work ..
Alright… enough theory.
Let me show you how she (we) did it....
Idea :
Amazon run from time to time Deals (like Groupon) with over 40% sometimes... she chose the Zumba fitness DVDs product since her site was about that...
Targeting Audience :
For this type of campaign, it is all about testing . but from my experience,
i always choose the magazines subscription fans as a starting point for my campaign if i don't have no traffic or no custom audiences to retarget..
we chose a very famous magazine fans with over 1.2M fans (very broad) and like zumba fitness but we narrowed out audience to 70K and we divided to 2 groups (25-34) & (35-44) to talk to them with different messages.
we found out that after spying to that magazine .
Ad Sets :
Ad Sets 1 : 25-34 with 2 images (match the age of a young woman)
Ad Copy : Get To Work On Your Summer Body With Our Zumba Fitness DVD Workout From the Comfort of your Home.
Headline : Get Zumba Fitness D
Description : Save up to 20%. Easy-to-follow Steps for more than 30 Rhythms. Popular Fitness Program
Ad Sets 2 : 35-44 with 1 image ( match the age)
Ad Copy : Get Real Results, and Real Fun. Dance to great music, From the Comfort of your Home. and Burn a ton of Calories without even realizing it.
Headline : Get Zumba Fitness DVD
Description : Save up to 20%. Easy-to-follow Steps for more than 30 Rhythms. Popular Fitness Program
As you can see, each Ad copy talks with that specific group....
See Below the Ads and the Results and This is only for one Audience interest...
Go and take action.....
P.S : She can easily now keep it for 3 months and then flipp it for $$$$ and build another one with different niche...
Good Luck

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