Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"SEO CASE STUDY” – 5820 Visitors in 2 Months from One Article

While Mohammed EL Khiyati Talk about FB MKG, and others talk about niche marketing and how to build a successful Amazon Niche sites, I love to share my little knowledge about SEO and how to generate valuable free traffic from Search engines the easy way; so I hope you will found it Valuable, and benefits from it.

So today I would like to share with you a very quick [SEO Case Study] but very effective and it will give you an amazing results in getting free organic traffic from Google if you do it the right way.

Let’s start the party:
I Choose 4 keywords from “Google Keywords planner”, Related to my Niche, search of 720 to 900 a month, Keyword competition KC of all this 4 KWs was 24 to 30 (I use Long tail pro).

And here is what I do with them:

A-The first 3 KWs: I write 3 articles (One for each KW)

All this 3 articles was 100% original, give huge value to reader, and have a length of 600 to 700 words, also each article have the KW in title, first paragraph, In ALT of the Post Photo that I always put under the first paragraph (I use for made all photos, it is free and fun), last paragraph also contain the kw, in H2, in meta description, and 2 or 3 times in the text of the article.

No backlinks was made, so after 2 months, all this 3 articles make their way to the 2 page of Google and stay there, I receive a few visitors a day <10 visitor for each article.

B-The KW number 4:
I treat the kw number 4 little different, I give it more luck, more chance to makes its way to the firsts result of SERP (search engine result page), So I put it in “Google keyword planner” again, and search for All keywords that are 100% related to it, contain synonyms, different order of words, and so on, but have a low search volume (example 500, or 340 or 120 and…I don’t pick a kw that have a search volume of 90 and low, only if it is 100% buying keyword).

I found 6 KWs that looks different than the main one, have different search volume, but they mean same thing as the main KW, you can say that they are different doors for the same Room.

Main Kw: iPhone 6 vs Samsung s6 (it is just an example, close to mine, and I am not in the smartphone niche).

Related Kws:
iPhone 6 vs Samsung 6s
Samsung s6 vs IPhone 6
IPhone 6 Or Samsung s6
Best Smartphone IPhone 6 or Samsung s6
iPhone 6 vs galaxy s6
IPhone 6 vs Samsung s6 video quality

So as you see all this KWs can be searched by someone that try to figure out if IPhone 6 or Samsung 6s are the best smartphone for his/her money.

I include all this kw in my article (article number 4), the most important one that have big search volume in the top, and the weak one, at the bottom, I use some kw as H2 and write a small paragraph (it is good to include the kw in this paragraph, and in ALT of the photo is you need to use one).

The result was Amazing, so after 2 months the article jump to the first page of Google, I receive 5820 visitors from Google, and I get some social shares and some sales.

this is my conclusion about what happen, maybe I am right and maybe I am wrong, so I hope to hear your conclusion in the comment.
So we all target high search volume Kws because we want more traffic and more sales, this mean more money, but the truth is, we will never rank for that kws unless we waited for months and maybe years, or build a ton of kws around this page.
In the other hand, if you target the high search volume Kw and add to it other related kws that have low search volume, you can high your chance to rank in first page of SERP, it is like you give Google lot of choices, and he can’t said NO for all you Kws so at less he rank one or two from them, or maybe this Related kws help search engines to better understand your article, and put it in the desired Position.
any way Rise your chances to get traffic by targeting some more related kws that have a low search volume, they will help you to structure your article, make it valuable, answer all asked question about the topic (around main kw) this mean your reader will get their answers and another answers that they don’t ask about them, also this huge quality quantity of content help the reader to make a buying decision, and click the share button.
Good luck

----- ibrahim 

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