Sunday, February 7, 2016

Silver & Gold Collectible Coins : $241 with $67.50 Budget in 5 Days..

Silver & Gold Collectible Coins : $241 with $67.50 Budget in 5 Days....
Another Case Study to show you that You can transform a Hobby to a profitable Business..
A friend of mine is a big fan of Silver/Gold/bullion collectible coins.
he has a blog about that with few articles and he wanted to monetize it with Amazon after getting fed up with Adsense..
so we tried FB Ads since it is not that saturated like other niches...
Audience Targeting :
Men : 34-54
Location: US ...Feel free to target other countries like UK, Canada or NZ, Australia if you have an Amazon account there.
Interests: I will give you only 1 and keep others later on : Golden Eagle Coins
Ads sets : 4 .
4 interests with only 2 Ads in each Ad sets .... with 2 images..
Results : 29 Sales with $241 with 4 sales that have nothing to do with Coins Niche..
he collected over 500 people in his custom audience for future promotion...
his next project is : to create a free eBook (7-10pages) to find rare coins for example and then sell then his Paid eBook or recommend some high ticket items...(Huge niche with rich passionate people)
Go and Take Action..

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