Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to turn $45 to $136 from one tiny group in untapped niche ?

There are plenty of niches and sub-niches...Just open your eyes and think out of the box...
This case was a Test to validate the market before a client of mine jumped on a Dropshipping program for that niche..
She has a custom well designed website (i will clone it for you Guys soon) and she is the business of the baby clothing for a quite of time now...
She did not choose the broad niche but she tried a sub-niche inside it :
Twins and triples babies clothing.......
Tip: I did some research and i found a lot of needs for Guide : how to raise twins/Triples babies and all that open your eyes and think out of the box.. there are more rooms for that not only clothing....
I will not go in details but the main problem was : how to target only moms who have twins babies since Facebook only allows us to search for parents who have : toddles, kids, teens and so on....
After some research, we targeted moms who have babies for example (0-1year old) and like some twins magazines and a lot related stuff of that..
we divided the campaign into 4 interests with 2 groups 24-35 and 35-45
and the winning audiences were 3 interests : one of them is a very response community called : .
I will not reveal the other 3 for obvious reasons.
After spending $45 , we killed the campaign because the audience was around 33k and the frequency started to increase..
She got $2100 sales for 50 items with $136 commissions and $45 budget.
With her new program (dropshipping in US ), she will get like 60% margin profit better than Amazon plus full control of her traffic from FB Ads to the checkout page and more incentives like coupons %20 for her traffic..
so Go ahead. Think of out of the box and Make Money..

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