Saturday, February 6, 2016

How to Turn $30 into $120 using FB Ads and Amazon (Case Study)

In this Case study , i wanted to show how to target one of the most popular niche in internet : Baby Safety niche and how to dig deeper to find many sub-niches..
The product was : Baby Monitors . but since there are many brands involved in this niche, we chose to use the Savings/Discount Trigger and send our audience to the best sellers Amazon page for that niche and let them choose what they want..
Audience Target :
-Moms (New parents) : 0-12months
--Age : 25-34 based on our spying tool
--- House composition : Family-based households (busy with other kids..)
--- Home owners...
----Location: NY,CA,TX
And they like : see below :
We tried 3 Ads sets :
1-Parents Magazine
The winner was the 1st Ad sets..
For the Ad copy : we chose to use the formula below (I have 3 -4 for you Guys)
--Pain point + Solution + Urgency + gain
27 moms bought monitors plus some accessories related to that.
With $30 budget for 2-3days, we got a $122 return with 1 group and 3 audiences....Time to scale it up to other states and then promote to the existing ones with other offers related the baby niche (FB custom audience Pixel)
Go and take Action .

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