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Massive actions from Russell Lobo , 1000 posts in just 1 month case study

The Case Study of 1000 Blog Posts
So some of you may remember that in early April, I deactivated my FB account for a week. The main reason was that I wasnt spending enough time on work and was instead doing "online research" which was wasting time on FB. I also felt that I needed a spiritual retreat from social media and delve into myself. Anyway, I planned a month but lasted just a week (see, im human;) )

During April, I started a new site which i hope will eventually become an Authority site and give me ROI over the next 3-5 years. Its a site I will be putting most of my energy into over the next year.

Since a lot of friends here have asked for more details about it, I thought I'll post a detailed post.
Note 1: Many of my strategies go against "experts" advice. I am doing it as past experience has shown that it works or because I want to experiment with it. 

Note 2: I am NOT in the MMO business so I share this post and my experience ONLY to help and inspire. I am not trying to sell anything or position myself as an "expert" for monetary gains. I may be doing it coz i'm a narcissist and love attention but thats content for another post wink emoticon
Note 3: A big thanks to the friends I made on this group who have supported me on this project. Siimyalator who suggested the "brandable" domain name, Minuca who has been motivating me throughout the exhausting month of April, Clare for caring when I disappeared, Armand for advice on image promotion on Pinterest which I plan to do in June andJitendra & Mohammed for all their sage advice and tips on how to monetize this project better.

My rationale behind a 1000 post site:
1. On one of my other sites I saw that with 250 posts and no backlinks I have a PA and DA of 25+ and I am ranking well for 40,000+ search keywords. So size does matter (Thats what she said wink emoticon ).
2. When a visitor comes to your site and sees a huge, good looking site, the chances of email optin is higher. (though I agree 100% that quality matters too)
3. 1,000 interlinks which give you HUGE potential to point juice to posts you want.
4. Its easier to get backlinks to a big site than a small site (though I agree 100% that quality matters too)
5. If you have worked on sites will agree that, if you have say 10 posts a few will rank and few wont with all other factors being the same. No reason there. it just happens. So i prefer to have 1000 posts so even if 10% rank, its still better than having 100 posts with 10% ranking (This is my opinion and may go against current expert opinion)

Domain Age: New and brandable (Finally off EMDs and PMDs)
Total Posts: 1,000 (Image attached.)
Target 1: Ranking on Page 1 of Google.
Target 2: Ranking on Page 1 of Google for long tail keywords.
Total Keywords: 1,000 keywords of buyer interest.
Exact monthly searches: ~11,630,000 searches
Est LT searches (3 times): ~ 33,000,000 searches
Monetization Strategy: Email Funnel, Own digital product, Adsense, Amazon, Native Ads.
Pages Indexed: 572 pages. (Image attached. Im not doing anything to index other than sitemap submission)
Keywords ranking in Top 50 with over 1000 searches: 2 keywords (Image attached. Source: Semrush)
Strategy for writing:

When I explained the strategy to Hina Iqbal Azille she paraphrased it back to me perfectly so I will share it: " So you suggest I do batch research for similar terms.
Then id have a keyword list of 20+ related keywords centered around xx
Then research it... Under each keywords list research an outline per keyword/post
Then fill it out with words
Go back and optimise using yoast...keyword in yoast should be the one I get from Google keyword tool
Ensure keywords are scattered through out content
Interlink with other xx articles I have written
N publish (after inserting pics n optimising the alt tags on those too]
Nothing new in my strategy honestly. You all know it. There are no magic bullets.
How I could make so many posts in such a short time?
1. I worked hard. Literally non stop. I'm used to it. Its practice.
2. I wrote short posts, my strategy is a bit different but this part I dont want to divulge. Suffice to say, its long enough for being original and indexed by Google but short enough to scale. As to exact length. I wont divulge now. But once my posts start ranking i will keep adding content. this makes the post stronger and fresher and allows me to focus only on posts which are succeeding. If anyone has farming experience, they will know what I am talking about. First throw 5x seeds, then weed out the weak ones and grass and keep the strong. 

3. I did it in batches of 100. So 100 ideas decided, 100 images sourced, 100 posts created, 100 on-page optimization done, 100 interlinking done. This saved time. 

4. Time saved as I did No keyword research: I am targeting authority. All keywords over 1,000 searches. so I know there is going to be competition. A LOT of competition. I just have to beat them. Not all the competition, even if just 10% im still in gravy. The only keyword research I did was put 5 seed keywords in Google Planner and then picked up the 4,000 keywords and checked which fit my parameters.

5. Write down your daily target. Set an impossible target and do it the first thing in the morning. As Stuart says, eat the frog. Stick to your schedule.

Expected ROI:
1. I worked for ~ 300 hours this month.
2. I dont expect ranking within the next 2-3 months so no ROI expected till then.
Potential ROI Calculation:
Say in two years, I rank for 10% of the exact match and 20% of the long tail keywords, i have potential 8,141,000 impressions. At ~30% CTR, i should have ~2,442,000 visits. At an RPM of $40 (Adsense+Native Ads+Amazon+Own product), I should earn ~$97,000 per month.
Note: The above are just estimates. its subject to many factors.

Plan for June:
1. Genuine Social signals from Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest,
2. Visibility to influencers in the niche: Blog commenting, twitter/fb shares and commenting, FB group commenting, etc
3. Backlinks: Web 2.0, Blog commenting
4. Beef up content on posts which start ranking and increase internal links to them
5. Track ranking. I think i will need a paid tool for this as there are 1,000 keywords. any suggestions?
6. Set up email capture and email funnel.
Time to devote: 4 hours per day for 20 days
Will update on 1st June about progress 

smile emoticon

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