Monday, May 23, 2016

Case Study of Jitendra Jain : 11000 Engaging users by spending just $22 in 5 days

Jitendra Jain

Case Study : How i got 11000 Engaging users to like my pages by spending just $22 in 5 days Flat (Image 1 and Image 2)

5 days back I started a page on Fashion, the target audience was Indian audience. I achieved some good results and you can too achieve same by the following steps.
1. Find engaging images

- Study your competitors
- Find the latest trends
- Reverse Engineer them
- Find patterns

2. Find Right audience
- Find the Audience that you want to target, it's more science than art.

3.Boost to that audience
- Do small boost to the audience to check if the post is viral or not.
- If it's viral, keep adding money to it till you get the desired results

4. Invite all those who like the post (See Image 3)
- Invite people who like post
- Make more Facebook ids as you will run out of invites (Max 500 per id)
- Invite in regular intervals, 3-4 times a day

5 Automate
- Automate the tasks like inviting people using IMacros, chrome plugins,
- Automate the task of studying competitors
Using all these methods I was able to bring down the engagement cost to 0.0004$ (Image 4)
Just keep one thing in mind : Facebook wants engagement (apart from your money :)). So finding right audience and viral content are important.
Note : You can use this method till you reach 100k Page Likes.

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