Monday, May 23, 2016

Facebook Engagement CaseStudy By Jitendra Jain

Jitendra Jain

Facebook Engagement CaseStudy: As we know Facebook reach is declining day by day and it's difficult to reach Facebook Page Fans. The only way is to keep Fans engaged. Whenever an Image is posted at Facebook Timeline. 2-3% people see it and if it's viral, the reach increases.

If you page is a niche you can do the following.
For example, if a page is about a wedding. To increase the reach do the following

1. Don't Post to the timeline.
2. Make Albums by category, in this case, Pre-wedding, Wedding, Rituals, Bridal Photography, Groom Photography, Gifts, Venues, Wedding Destinations etc.

3. Every time you post the image, do it in the album created. It will help in two ways.
a) The image will appear in the timeline of your fans as usual.
b) Everybody who has liked that album will get a notification that someone has updated the album. Notifications work very well to increase engagement.

As you can see in the following Images, There is the album called Just Engaged and every time the a new image is there, it's posted in the same album everyone gets the notification.
This is more like Pinterest Boards. Works very well for us. Have you tried this before?

If you have any questions on how this can be done, feel free to ask.

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