Saturday, May 14, 2016

How to Build an affiliate Amazon/Drop Shipping site + FB Ads:

I posted 2 days ago a story about a lady that went from pennies to millions selling a sub-Sub-niche of the Baby niche :: Baby moccasins .
I was sitting today and i did a quick research about it and i found good gems and good opportunity that you can cash out big in this niche since there are a lot empty rooms available for the SEO lovers as well for the PPC (FB Ads) people.
Niche : Baby moccasins (for babies & infants)
here is the Search Volume according to Google. there are keywords that we can use for our posts but below, it is the keywords that i will choose them for my Categories :
baby moccasins 18,100 $0.52
baby boy moccasins 880 $0.68
moccasins for babies 880 $0.81
baby girl moccasins 720 $0.56
baby moccasin shoes 590 $0.75
All those keywords are available for .com expect for the main KW , only .org is available....
for the Competition, i use this factor : Allintitle...
a- if the results < 5000, it is perfect kw and the competition is weak. i will need only few backlinks and i am in the 1st page...
b- If the results 5000 < results < 20000 , the competition is medium
c-over >20000 sometimes 25000, it is tough and we need some strong PBN for that...
Again, the above info is not from the Bible or the Koran (we can not touch), it is only based on my experience and the experience of my other friends who are doing some heavy SEOs (not me)
Feel free to do your own research about your niche...
The website :
It will be a e-Commerce affiliate Amazon site with a Shop + Blog
Blog for Google and other search engines and Shop for my FB Ads and other Paid Platforms
Categories: 4-5 categories since our niche is small :
1-baby boy moccasins
2-baby girl moccasins
3-baby moccasin shoes Bundles
4-baby moccasin shoes Accessories
Pages :
Home page : my Shop
Contact us & Privacy Policy in the footer
Plugins :
GA plugin
FB pixel Plugin
Optin popup exit plugin to push them to enter their emails for a coupon discount next time...
Blog :
I will post 5-15 articles and drip-feed them over 1month to 1 month and a half to gain some ranking and Authority in the eyes of google since i did not see any nichy site about our subject...
Now let's go to the Money Thing : FB Ads :
there is a lot to say but i will target moms with new born babies and infants (how do i know ? by interest.. see the image below )
Location US
Interests: Cute Baby, Baby Food, Infant formula, breast pump, baby bottle, baby diaper
behaviors : FB payments (All), FB payments (Recent), FB Payments (higher than average spend)
Age : 25-40 but you have to divide them to small groups to have a copy message suitable to each group
Gender :Female of course
Language: English (All)
Ads Copy/Images :
You have to take your time and try to write a short good copy for your audience. Write only about the benefits that solve their problem :
here is a copy that i wrote for this Ad :
"Just like walking barefoot. Durable,Safe ,Breathable and Comfortable .
Give Your Baby what he reserves, up to %25 Discount Limited time."
As you can see : i inserted : Durable, Safe, breathable and comfortable. 4 benefits that every mom wants for their babies plus a discount claim and a scarcity (limited time)....
For the images, It is up to you but simple and clear images are always better...

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