Monday, March 6, 2017

What should be the next step after publishing post?- By Russell Lobo.

Question- [1] I created new website, launched it with 1 article, what should be the next step after publishing post? - Answer- 1. Make social profiles and web 2.0 profiles. I generally make 10 social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc and about 20 web 2.0s. 2. Link them to each other and to your site so that they become a brand-able fortress around your site. This creates a signal to google that your brand is strong. 3. Use IFTTT to get auto-updates of new posts that you create directly onto the social profiles and web 2.0s. This helps every new post of mine get 30+ backlinks (dofollow and nofollow) to it right on the first day. They may not have a lot of link juice but its better than no link juice especially since its effortless. 3. Make directory listings. I use the Top 10 Directories. They are nofollow and don't give too much link juice but I like it for link diversity 4. Press Releases (I haven't done it as yet but I am planning to for my next site) 5. Post good, valuable comments on 10 Top blog posts. 6. Post good, valuable comments on 10 Top blog posts related to my niche. 7. About 100 social signals to my site
Question - [2] I will publish another 60+ articles but what will be the next step after publishing articles? Russ: After every article: 1. 10 blog posts on blogs related to the article 2. 50 social signals 3. Broken link building 4. Link building via email outreach 5. Guest PostingQuestion - [3] What will be the continuous work that will help me increase my website traffic? Russ: - 1. Networking 2. Social promotion 3. Link Building as per Question 2 4. Conversion Rate Optimization: Focus on keeping the visitor on your site and making him take the desired action (subscribe to email, click on ad, click on affiliate link and buy, etc).

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