Thursday, March 9, 2017

One page Site Rank by Russ Lobo

One Page Site Update:
So some of you may remember that on 8th Dec, 2016, I started a new site which was just one page. The main keyword had 27,100 monthly searches and an Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty score of 4.
After 3 months literally to the date, the site is now on Page 1 (10th position).
12/8/2016: Created 1000+ word post & social profiles
12/12/2016: 15 blog comments/2 web 2.0s/250 more words
12/15/2016: 27 outreach emails. 4 Linked to my website
Rank rose to 20th position
1/11/2017: Sent reminder emails. Got 1 new link. Added 1700 words
Rank rose to 18th position.
1/13/2017: Sent 100 new outreach emails. I didnt get new links but rank rose to 12th position. I assume its due to traffic to the site due to the 100 emails.
2/6/2017: 100 blog comments/ Few directory listings: No change in ranking.
2/27/2017: Shared images from the site on Pinterest and got 500 repins to the site (I am pretty active on Pinterest so was easy. Got a decent amount of traffic too)
Rank jumped to Position 10, Page 1 but immediately fell.
3/9/2017: Once again on Page 1, Position 10
1. You can beat sandbox and rank on Page 1 within the supposed six month period.
2. You can rank a site even if it just one page.
Words on the Page: 1,000+250+1,700=2,950 words
Root domains linking to the site as per Google Console:
Outreach links: 5 links
Comment Links: 9 links
Directory links: 5 links
Social links: 3 links (YT, g+, pinterest)
web 2.0: 2 links
other links: 2 links (no idea where those came from)
Next target: Top 3 of Google for the keyword :D
Please type yes in the comments if you would like me to tag you in the next update.

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